UMU Teams with Pili Hawaii to Serve 1,000 for Kaiser Permanente’s Annual Day of Service

IMG_3969Monday was a great partnership between several like-minded organizations gathered for a day of giving back in He’eia.  We partnered with Pili Hawaii and Pacific Catering to provide delicious locally sourced lunch for Kaiser Permanente’s annual day of service.

Loving logistics like we do, UMU had fun working with Kaiser staff to plan for the organization of the big day and distribution of  lunch to their employees working at 4 different sites in He`eia.  From the mountain to the ocean, we assured everyone was happy and satiated with Chef Mark “Gooch” Noguchi’s delicious and healthy lunch bentos.  Thanks to Pili Hawaii for all of your efforts, and a special thanks to Moumen, his boys, and Pacific Catering for your support! We are looking forward to many more collaborations with our new family.

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