Complete Streets and Cyclovia at Hele On Kaka’ako!

Here are two new terms to add to your vocabulary:  1) Cyclovia 2) Complete Streets.  These two buzz words have become common household words here in the UMU office as we have just wrapped up the Hele On Kaka’ako event that took place place on Mother’s Day, May 12, 2013, which featured both, complete streets and cyclovia.   Collaborating with Cyclovia Hawaii for the first time, the event featured  family-friendly activities, a 5K run at the Waterfront Park, a Complete Streets Demonstration Project on Cooke Street, skateboard ramps,  aerobics classes, dance classes, bike education, live music and food trucks – just to name  a few!

So what is a Cyclovia?

Cyclovia, or Ciclovias, originated in Bogotá, Columbia, in 1974 and have been successfully implemented worldwide. Cyclovias are sometimes referred to as “open streets,” “car-free days” or “Sunday Streets” and usually involve temporarily closing one or more roadways to motorized traffic so that people of all ages and abilities may enjoy them for recreational activities such as walking, bicycling, jogging, skateboarding and rollerblading.  

What about Complete Streets?

A Complete Street is a project that is designed by a volunteer group of people that might include professional traffic engineers, landscape architects, planners, architects, sustainable gardeners and businesses and community members. It is one example of how a street can become enjoyable for all users and create a more sustainable community.   Complete Streets reduce vehicle crashes and improve the flow of all users. During Hele On Kaka’ako, Cooke street was transformed with dedicated bike lanes, beautiful parklets and families were free and safe to bike, walk and stroll.  

Our sister company TASTE  also hosted a Mother’s Day Brunch put on by celebrity Chef Lee Anne Wong and her mother. The menu featured cheddar pineapple and banana bread, an appetizer plate with Hawaiian fruit medley on macadamia yogurt topped on Japanese rusk, crispy pa’i’ai with wildflower honey and Fresh Farms goat cheese,  haupia cream with house-made granola and smoked monchong, black pepper cream cheese with quail egg on a bagel.  The main dish featured crispy pork belly or roasted monchong with sweet corn hollandaise, creamy polenta, 63 degree egg, fresh vegetable medley and garlic crostini. And to finish it off, crispy coconut french toast with vanilla anglaise, bananas and Koloa rim sauce.

UMU was thrilled to take part in this new movement towards Complete Streets, Cyclovia and self transportation in safe, sustainable environments.  It was a pleasure to work with Cyclovia Hawaii and we were happy to collaborate with a new client who shares in our value of  a more sustainable way of life!






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