Salon Suppers in Kaka’ako where Conversation is Food for the Soul

The tradition of salon style gatherings began in Southern Europe and is most famously associated with the French literary and philosophical movements of the 17th and 18th centuries. Salons were an exclusive celebration, attended by the most elite social, political and intellectual members of society. The gatherings served as a place where guests could meet and exchange ideas.

Since July 2013, Under My Umbrella, in partnership with Kamehameha Schools, has hosted four unique Salon Suppers as part of an ongoing series. Based in part on the original concept, our Salon Suppers strive to foster lasting relationships by bringing together an eclectic mix of people to enjoy a night of great food and intriguing conversation. Set in the social hub of Kaka‘ako, Harry’s Alley and Taste Table, Salon Supper allows our guests to gain a sense of the many exciting business ventures and developments taking place in our corner of the city, as well as network in a unique, relaxed setting. In turn we hope to inspire our guests to continue to visit and support the local businesses that call our neighborhood home as the area continues to grow.

Invitees to any given Salon Supper are suggested by previous   attendees and put into a lottery and are not permitted to bring guest. This is to ensure that each meeting is diverse, candid and encourages guests to venture outside of their social circle. Each supper begins with cocktails and is followed by a fabulous “family” meal prepared by pre-selected, locally renowned chef. Since July, we have had an amazing line up of chefs including Mark “Gooch” Noguchi of Pili Group and TASTE, Quinten Frye of Cocina, Celebrity Top Chef, Lee Anne Wong and Lance Kosaka of Top of Waikiki, Sky Bar.

This exclusive celebration of delicious food, stirring discussion and   community happens once a month. Continue to check our blog for   more updates as our supper continues to grow. Also, because attendees come from a diverse range of careers from all walks of life, you never know who’s going to be at your dinner table. So be sure to be on the lookout for an invitation in your mailbox, you could find yourself sitting at our table in the near future!

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