Tip of the Week – You do great work. Now, don’t forget to launch your website

This is a classic case of the pot calling the kettle black, BUT now that we are finally up and running we are happy to let you learn from our  procrastination. For us, word of mouth has truly been the key to our growing list of amazing clients.  We started as a little company working with local businesses and non-profits we had standing relationships with. They were so impressed with our services they told their friends.  Now, as our little business grows-up, we are still working within our community and thankful that we  continue to expand our UMU family  through word of mouth, however, our network is expanding. As we more frequently play with the “big boys” at the national and international level (who might not know our nimble crew by name), we finally stopped stalling and got our site up.

For those of you who might be falling into the same “my website can wait” pattern, here is a little motivation and some great tips from Mashable.com titled “Website Must Haves”. Enjoy the article, enjoy our website and visit often for more tips, events and other fun stuff that will make your life better.

A huge MAHALO! to our amazing graphic designer Jess Johnston and all the others who stuck with us through this two year process!