“Sharing” Pure Aloha

On November 17 at the second Night Market, Uncle Clay’s House of Pure Aloha took part in a shave ice experiment our UMU crew and HOPA dreamed up. During the summer we ran a campaign where people of Hawaii donated over 700 shave ice to be shared with others.

On Saturday, HOPA gave away over 115 gifted shave ice for their first Sharing Day. The news of “gifted shave ice” traveled fast through the crowds of the Night Market and before long there was a line half way across the street.

When the patrons were told that their shave ice would be gifted from a donor, they were blown away. They loved the idea and the concept of what HOPA was doing, sharing it forward and spreading the pure aloha of The House!

The mission of HOPA is to inspire a worldwide movement of Pure Aloha – one shave ice at a time, which is exactly what took place at the Night Market. HOPA brought the spirit of aloha and ‘ohana to the attendees and showed them something most had never seen before.

In the spirit of sharing it forward, many of the recipients donated into the shave ice fund, with a total of $220.06 being given.

This Sharing Day was the first of many and the Night Market was a perfect location for the launch of the campaign. With the mix of food, fun, and fashion, it brought with it a large variety of individuals. All who seem to love gifted shave ice!


A “TASTE” at Kaka’ako Night Market

A special guest dropped in to serve our first plate to our first customer

On September 29th, TASTE was pleased to present its soft opening sneak peek to the public at the Night Market in Kaka’ako. The old Akane Cafe, is set to open in late October under the direct supervision of Chef Mark “Gooch” Noguchi. Chef “Gooch” served up Braised Belly, Red Curry,  and Wong Farms Lu’au Stew to nearly 200 lucky foodies who heard through the grapevine that we were doing a sneak peek.

The new space, Taste Table, is a collaboration between Street Grindz, run by Poni and Brandon Askew, Under My Umbrella owned and operated by Amanda Corby and Pili Hawaii, a food group recently co-founded by Chef “Gooch” and Corby.

Mr. & Mrs. Le of Pig & The Lady will be one of the regular pop-up vendors.

For breakfast and lunch TASTE will feature an “A La Carte” menu created by familiar faces you may be used to seeing from a truck window.  During the day, TASTE will feature a revolving door of lunch truck owners taking a turn at brick and mortar–serving up fast, affordable, fresh and always changing food.
For dinner, think a restaurant turned dinner party.  Most always, there will be a set menu, pre-purchased reservations and an intimate group of diners sampling the featured chef’s latest experiment.
TASTE hopes to serve as a culinary experiment hub for the back-of-the-house and a unique dining experience for eaters.  On the surface, TASTE is a permanent pop-up space featuring many chefs in one location, but in addition to rotating Chefs, TASTE will also offer cooking classes, Chef demos, tastings and culinary and business skills training.  For more information and updates on the grand opening of TASTE visit them at www.tastetable.com.