A Fairytale Wedding at Sunset Ranch

UMU was called in last minute for damage control on an elegant wedding taking place at the beautiful Sunset Ranch on the North Shore of Hawai`i.  Should this be a new service we offer?  Damage Control? UMU Ambulance Services–we’ll clean up their mess with our “binder full of women” with magic wands?  Maybe, but it will be expensive!

Luckily,  we love deadlines and a good challenge, so we hit the ground running. After the call from the bride our team spent the next 10 days tying up loose ends, coordinating vendors and adding a few special touches that would make this wedding everything the bride had dreamed of.  From the breathtaking scenery of Sunset Ranch, the locally delicious meal from Town restaurant, the amazing photography from the talented Anna Kimto the many loving friends who stepped up to assist with the florals, vegan cakes and vintage photo booth–this was truly a night to remember for everyone.